“ We are quite satisfied with her studies and reading skills. She has improved her communicating skills. We are extremely satisfied with her studies.”

– Mrs.Sneha

“ Excellent coaching. Taking good care like parents. As parents it is easy for us to guide them with their studies at home.”

– Mrs.Dharshini

“She is very intelligent, keen in observation and does every thing perfectly.”

– Mr. M. Ramesh, Administrator, Dr. Radha Krishnan Matriculation School (F/o S. M. R. Rakshith)

“ After joining this school, he understands what he has to do by himself, how to behave with others. He expresses what he wants and his needs. He is now interested in rhymes and music. ”

– Mrs.Shaaswath Rajeswaran

“ My son Suriya Roshan has gained knowledge in all kinds of activities. He speaks clearly and fluently. He has developed hygienic habits with your training. Thank you for your concentration on children. ”

– Mr.Roshan

“ My child B.Sreevardhan has good name in my family and friends circle. This credit goes to White Gold Montessori School and its staff. He gives respect and speaks very kindly to others. “

– Mr. Sreevardhan

“ We are very very satisfied with this school and its method of teaching. We have made a good choice in placing her in this school. We are extremely satisfied with the activity oriented learning process of Montessori system. Very appropriate education system. Assists the child in the development of his personality. I thank the teachers for the improvement of my child.”

– Mrs. Anjana

“ It was worth leaving Monish in Montessori, as it has given him good confidence and moulded him with good mannerism. Thanks for all the care taken by the school. ”

– Mr. Moinsh Aravind

“Happy with the school and the teachers. It was like a second home for him, never needed to worry about him. Keep up the good work.”

– Mr. Uzair Ahmed

“My daughter feels very happy to come to school because she enjoys the activities and everything that happens in school.”

– Mr. Manfred Pereira (F/o Shanelle Perira)

“ She is very much matured in this 1 year of her school. I am very happy with her progress.”

– Dr. S.Parasakthi (M/o Nandhitha)

“ My daughter has improved in communicative skills only after joining the school.”

– Mrs. S. K. Lalitha, Child development project officer, Social welfare department (M/o N. S. Kwanitha)

“ Your school has a very good teachers having good communication with the parents.”

– Mr. K. Kamalesh Babu (F/o K. K. Mrithul Krishna)

“ I am fully satisfied in her activities and I am still confident that she will attain her best in Montessori school.”

– Mr. R. Albert Victor Raja (F/o A. Rubina Rachel)

“ She tries to do things on her own. It is the effect of instructions given by the school teachers.”

– Guardian of Mehaa

“ I am happy the way my daughter Hassena Afreen performs at home too, by way of observing and doing home activities, identifying sounds, development of good communication skills etc.”

– Kabir Ahmed (Father)

“ Fully satisfied with the environment, co-operation and attitude towards my child from the teachers and other staffs. Feel very sorry to leave for Kerala. All the best.”

– Shailaja Sivadasan (M/o S. Abjith)

“ We shifted our daughter from here after a year, assuming we are taking her to a good and reputed school. We are upset the standard and attention in the “Reputed School ” is nowhere, near the quality of White Gold Montessori. We felt our daughter has not achieved anything in that new school after a year. Hence we are shifting her back to White Gold Montessori School. I have advised my brother also to admit his son here.”

– Priscilla Pinto (M/o Leona Phebe)

“ We are extremely happy that our daughter is attending this school. We are also looking forward to admitting our son to the school.”

– Dr. A.P.Preetham, Railway Hospital-Perambur (F/o Krishna Priya A.P)

“We are very much Happy that my younger daughter got this opportunity to study in different type of schooling”. My older daughter ( IV th Std.) is upset she doesn’t have this type of education. I shall admit my younger son (1 ½ Yrs) here when he is 2 ½ ”

– Mr. T. Raja (F/o R. Monika)

“I am happy and satisfied with your school. Teachers communicate pleasantly and clarify my doubts about my son V Nijesh Kumar.”

– Mrs. V Mallika

“ I am happy to see my child very happily studying in this environment. ”

– Mrs. Fahmeeda Yasmeen, Lecturer in S.I.E.T.College (M/o. Md. Salman)

“ Apart from being a fabulous school, it is a sweet home with wonderful staffs at all levels discharging their duties with utmost care, dedication and love to our delicate darlings.”

– Mrs. Akila Gopalakrishnan (M/o G. Shubangi)

“ Montessori school is the one of the best system, for developing the activities of the young child.”

– Mr.G.Chandra Sekar (F/o G. Lipi Sri Ram)

“ The school atmosphere is very pleasant and conducive for the child’s learning capacity to improve and overall development.”

– Mrs. Maria Concesso, Lecturer (M/o Celina Concesso)

“ Excellent teaching method, practical way of education has to reach all.”

– Mr. M. Ramesh, Administrator, Dr. Radha Krishnan Matriculation School (F/o S. M. R. Rakshith)

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